Why is Synergy Public Relations best suited for you?

As a communications consultancy, we create reputation capital for our clients, besides facilitating informed opinions about issues, products and services.

To meet the highly specialized and specific needs of a variety of national and international clients, we have aligned their PR Practices through a cross-section of businesses. Associates assigned to each of the Practice Areas have an in-depth knowledge of the business environment specific to their area of specialization.

Hands-on experience, augmented by training programmes, and a flair for their chosen field ensures that the client has access to strategic insights and counsel that goes beyond mere communication.

"When the need is to address complex issues and communicate effectively in the Indian scenario, already rife with inherent contradictions and complexities, you require a public relations firm with knowledge & practical expertise that is firmly rooted in the multi-layered Indian reality...but with a world view"

Synergy Public Relations is a preferred consultancy because:

Creativity within the disciplines of time, budget and practicality.
Focused approach underlining the ability to plan, manage and execute within exacting time frames.
A seamless execution network across India.
Strong belief in the values of good PR ethics.

The range of services offered by Synergy PR includes:

A Media relation is one of the primary techniques through which public relations objectives can be achieved. It is the end-result of a well-conceived communication plan that runs through the entire organization.

Media relations includes:

  • Recognizing news, drafting and distributing press releases, photographs and other feature material. This is not easy as most people within an organization may not recognize the newsworthiness of their work or, on the other hand, may think that is of great interest to them are of equal interest to others.
  • Evaluating the newsworthiness of a press release, also evaluating the most appropriate media for it.
  • Use of the right medium to reach out to the Target Audience, Online, Print, Radio, or Broadcast.
  • Arranging interviews, suggesting programs and story ideas, and providing background information to journalists.
  • Good open lines of communication in order to encourage flow of news from people in the organization.
  • Study and knowledge of media that are appropriate to the organization to be able to spot opportunities for media coverage.
  • A credible source of information about the organization and its services by notifying appropriate editors, journalists and other media persons.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date library of information and photographs to be able to respond quickly and accurately to media enquiries.
  • Tracking and understanding the changes, which are taking, place in the media and adapting the techniques accordingly.
  • The issue of preliminary, interim and annual results and accounts.
  • Media monitoring and analysis, compiling press cutting books, press surveys, translations.

Public Relations plays a crucial role in assisting the marketing function of a company by providing invaluable inputs at all stages of the product or brand lifecycle.

Synergy Public Relations offer marketing communications advice on market research, branding and positioning, packaging, market education, dealer relations, sales promotions and sponsorships and test marketing. Our strengths lie specifically in the area of brand management - having successfully launched and advised many brands and products in India.

Products, brands and business are intended for a specific customer base, and focused influencer marketing only on them can result in efficiency for every dollar spent. Key Opinion leaders are invaluable in providing feedback and endorsements.

Despite impressive technological advancements in the field of communication, conferences and seminars remain very vital for interaction, with stakeholders. Synergy Public Relations specialize in organizing turnkey events & conference throughout the country. From small and large conferences or seminars, workshops, road shows, product launches and training programs. The total planning, organizing and execution of the event is undertaken keeping in mind that the success of any conference lies in detailing and benchmarking of the highest standards.

We are tuned to provide interesting content / info graphics, made internally by our content team that can attract stake holders on the first go. Be it be the tagline, advertising content, website content, mailers, broadcasting messages or any other sort of marketing content, blogging material.

Stake holders, are influenced by content, print or online , Synergy PR has a winning expertise in communication, through on line PR. Across social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and corporate blogs, with strategically planned communication, we tailor-make social media for business solutions:

  • Talent recruitment
  • Image building
  • Reputation management
  • Marketing
  • Customer support

Synergy Public Relations has a full service Photoshop and Creative service. We help make content for digital and social media. Creatives for events, invites and brochures, Corporate calendars and all marketing material.

A picture can speak a thousand words, and a video can influence a million. The influence of a video is immense. Be it a corporate film, a marketing tool, a Facebook or YouTube post or valuable earned TV news endorsement. We can help build content and produce award winning material.

Advertising they say is an art form in communication, We believe Media Buying is an intelligent art form to right advertising. Buying the ‘Right media’ at the ‘Right Price’ can get the right message across at minimal spends. Our expertise is spread across all platforms which includes. Television, Radio, Print, Online media buying, Outdoor and Digital and very importantly advertorials. Securing you the best possible presence across Asia and Middle east.

This important aspect of public relations involves communication with shareholders, financial institutions, investment analysts and the financial media in order to assist an organization in achieving its commercial aims. Synergy Public Relations offers advice in the area of ongoing investor relations, which includes communication of results and financial news, annual reports and shareholder communication as well as media relations for public issues. We do not, however, offer financial PR services in the primary market for organizations that are not our retainer clients.

A company's visual identity can have a tremendous impact on its image. A well-conceived and consistent corporate identity is critical to achieving the desired perception for a company and its products or services. Synergy PR offers specialized advice on various aspects of corporate identity including identity structures, design audit, design brief, design process, corporate identity manual and implementation and have experience in coordinating corporate identity exercises for a variety of clients.

Employee communications is the process through which organizations share information, build commitment and manage change. Synergy Public Relations assists the human resource function of an organization to ensure that communication with employees is planned and correctly managed to achieve enhanced motivation and performance,Especially when the organization is multi-locational.

We track and analyze media through ‘SynergyNewstrack’ across all mediums and across Asia, and the Middle East.

Through research and analysis, we help you enhance your online effectiveness:

  • Social media snapshot
  • Digital consumer insights
  • Social media check-up
  • Social media campaign
  • Social media policy
  • Digital check-up